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Who is fern cotton dating

" is like asking, "Is pro basketball a viable career?

" That question can only be answered by asking other questions, such as: "Aren't you a 47-year-old, 5'2" Ashkenazi Jewish woman with 20/80 vision and bad knees? more Man On The Flake Individual bits of behavior are like cockroaches.

more Reign Of Terrier We call dogs "man's best friend" and treat them just like our human best friends -- if at 11 p.m. In fact, I not only favor the posed photo but tend to stick (rather aggressively) to a single pose -- the one that doesn't make people wonder whether I eat oats out of a burlap bag... You come up behind a ragged, disheveled person standing on the corner and put a dollar in the Starbucks cup they're holding -- and then you realize your error: "Oops! more Unprivate Ryan Some favor the social media approach to the "examined life," Instagramming their medical records and crowdsourcing their flatulence problem.

you say to your BFF, "Wow -- wouldja look at the time," gently remove her beer from her hand, and usher her to her cage in your laundry room... " does lose some of its punch when it's followed by "..soon as you can unzip them from their polka-dot stroller." more Romancing The Grindstone Understandably, not everyone is into the sort of relationship where a sleepover entails setting up a yurt inside their partner's office... Others take a more guarded tack -- encrypting everything...including their cat videos...

Even in Redneckville, you never see a woman hanging a rubber replica of hers off the back of her pickup...

more Eau Gag Me Try to focus on the positive: You find him extremely jumpable whenever he isn't wearing a 5 bottle of what it would smell like if sewage and verbena had a baby...

more The Truth About Stats And Dogs Most people will tell you they want to be accepted for who they really are -- yet those doing online dating rarely post profiles with stuff like "I like long walks on the beach, fine dining, and obscenely large breasts..." more Plenty Of Dead Fish Asking "Which dating site is best?

more Little Photoshop Of Halos Nostalgia is like crime-scene cleanup for your head: "My, what lovely new tiles.

You'd hardly know there was once a triple murder in this kitchen." more Penis On The Half-Shell Art -- especially abstract art -- says different things to different people.

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more Getting A Friend To Exorcise Misery sometimes wishes company would shut its big flapping trap.

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