Who is dating kevin durant alexis stewart dating comedian

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Last year when he moved from the Thunder to the Warriors, he signed a two-year contract for .0 million.

However, in early May, he said how much he loved being on the team and said didn’t have any plans to leave.

Durant is always rumored to be dating someone in the entertainment industry, but there’s usually more to go on. Many don’t know much about her, and subjects such as Jasmine Shine’s family and Jasmine Shine’s age have no answers.But with all the press surrounding Durant right now, many are becoming more and more curious about the people closest to him.Many even witnessed Rihanna bowing to James and being told off by a woman in the stands. So, it’s no surprise she took her sweet time sitting down and even dabbed at the woman before doing so.Fans may have come for the game, but they stayed for Rihanna.

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