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Dry pea seeds have been discovered in a Swiss village that are believed to date back to the Stone Age.

Archaeological evidence suggests that these peas must have been grown in the eastern Mediterranean and Mesopotamian regions at least 5,000 years ago and in Britain as early as the 11th century.

The global pulse market is estimated at 60 million tonnes.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was nominated to facilitate the implementation of IYP 2016 in collaboration with governments, relevant organizations, non-governmental organizations and other relevant stakeholders.

Legumes are notable in that most of them have symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria in structures called root nodules.

For that reason, they play a key role in crop rotation.

Hence, legumes are among the best sources of plant protein.

When a legume plant dies in the field, for example following the harvest, all of its remaining nitrogen, incorporated into amino acids inside the remaining plant parts, is released back into the soil.

A common name for this type of fruit is a pod, although the term "pod" is also applied to a number of other fruit types, such as that of vanilla (a capsule) and of the radish (a silique).Farmed legumes can belong to many agricultural classes, including forage, grain, blooms, pharmaceutical/industrial, fallow/green manure, and timber species.Most commercially farmed species fill two or more roles simultaneously, depending upon their degree of maturity when harvested. The seeds are used for human and animal consumption or for the production of oils for industrial uses.In the soil, the amino acids are converted to nitrate (NO In many traditional and organic farming practices, crop rotation involving legumes is common.By alternating between legumes and nonlegumes, sometimes planting nonlegumes two times in a row and then a legume, the field usually receives a sufficient amount of nitrogenous compounds to produce a good result, even when the crop is nonleguminous.

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Many legumes contain symbiotic bacteria called Rhizobia within root nodules of their root systems.

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