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Updating to debian 5 0 6

Older releases will no longer receive security updates - this is limited to 12 months after the release of the succeeding stable version (e.g.Squeeze was released on the 6th of February 2011, meaning that we stopped formal security support of Lenny in March 2012).Last updated: 11th June 2016 This is where we store older CD/DVD releases of Debian.If you want to download the current release, look in the release area.The Debian package for Elasticsearch can be downloaded from our website or from our APT repository.

(More details...) Starting with Squeeze (6.0), we started building CDs and DVDs for kfreebsd-amd64 and kfreebsd-i386, marking the first released non-Linux port of Debian.If your configuration/installation requires sudo, you may wish to consider upgrading to Dream Compute or a dedicated server. Dream Host will try its best to assist you in resolving the issue. Dream Host cannot help you directly by fixing customization issues or broken code, but will do its best to get you started in the right direction.In most cases, Dream Host can point you to any code upgrade docs and try to find any other upgrade info for software you're using.It is expected that this be maintained so that the Elasticsearch process can read the files under this directory via the group permissions. This means you will have to restart your Elasticsearch instance after installing a package manually.The reason for this is to ensure, that upgrades in a cluster do not result in a continuous shard reallocation resulting in high network traffic and reducing the response times of your cluster.

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