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Updating linux mandrake

Microsoft Windows encompasses two groups of operating systems (i.e., Windows 95/98/ME/CE and Windows NT/2000/XP) which resemble each other superficially and share compatibility with many of the same application programs but which have very different internal structures.MINIX - a small, open source UNIX clone that was first released in January 1987.HP-UX - a proprietary flavor of UNIX developed by Hewlett-Packard for its HP 9000 series of business servers. IRIX - a proprietary flavor of UNIX introduced by Silicon Graphics, Incorporated (SGI) in 1982 for applications that use three dimensional visualization and virtual reality.

The Mac OS X consists of Darwin and the Mach microkernel (an advanced kernel developed at Carnegie-Mellon University) together with Apple's proprietary Aqua GUI (which is widely regarded as the best in the industry).

Amiga features an elegant GUI (graphical user interface) together with some of the flexibility of Unix-like operating systems.

Be OS - developed by Be Incorporated in 1990 as a media operating system that was optimized for digital media (e.g., digital audio, digital video and three-dimensional graphics).

Apple is currently completing a transition of its hardware and OS X from the Power PC to x86 processors.

Microsoft Windows - the successors to the very popular MS-DOS, it was announced in 1983, and the first version, Windows 1.0, was finally released in 1985.

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Sky OS - a commercial hobbyist operating system developed by Robert Szeleney from 1996. It is mostly POSIX compliant, and comes with many of the GNU utilities, including the very highly rated GCC (GNU Compiler Collection).

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