Updating dol records

Posted by / 04-May-2019 07:18

Payment reductions for Medicaid-funded home health will begin in 2023.It’s crucial to implement some form of EVV to avoid these penalties.

Implementing EVV typically has the added benefit of increasing speed for processing billing and payroll.

Customers from Ankota, a home health care technology company, generally use fobs in situations when clients don’t have a home phone and caregivers don’t use a smart phone.

Each fob creates a new, unique six-digit code every minute which are used to track when the caregiver arrives and leaves.

Some programs only pay for completed 15-minute units, while others employ rounding rules.

EVV can be achieved in several ways, including through use of telephony, a mobile app with GPS, a “fob” in the home, a kiosk or with a voice signature.

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