Updating data in vb net

Posted by / 01-Jul-2019 22:28

I also have the logic in place to copy the second Data Table to the original making it the new one to compare to.

My stumbling point is how to compare the two Data Tables to find the differences!

Then after a period of time, the User will hit the button again. The User will keep this little application open on their computer kind of like a dashboard.

Let’s move to an Example: Add two Update Panels in your page. If we click one of the Update Panel Button then the corresponding Update Panel Label will show current Date & Time. The second time they hit the button, that second Data Table has 504 records.I want to then compare the 2 Data Tables to find new rows and changed rows.Can you recommend references that may help me with this?Thanks for your insight, jimbo99999 Thanks for repsonding Code Cruiser. The SQL table that supplies the Data Grid gets updates(changes to records and new records).

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To execute commands that do not return rows, create a Command object with the appropriate SQL command and a Connection, including any required Parameters.