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Updating core data database

At Core Logic, we begin by applying strict standardization to all incoming data.

Because we gather data from a wide array of sources in numerous formats with all kinds of anomalies, we adhere to a rigorous governance program to create a structural foundation.

With this breadth and depth of data, you can be sure your business decisions are based on a true picture of the market.

New insights reveal strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantages, business opportunities and more. With our rigorous standardization process and wide spectrum of data types, we saw the capability to expand the value of information beyond predictable boundaries.

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In the United States alone, we cover 99% of all properties, which equates to 147 million properties and 99.9% of the population.Where do you go when you need access to the most comprehensive, current and accurate real estate data available? Originally part of First American, we were launched as a separate company in 2010.First American pioneered the process of collecting public record and proprietary data more than 50 years ago, a legacy we carry forward today.The second one is also not preferable as time of arrival of data is uncertain and I want the plot to update only when the data is received.Is there a way in which I can update the plot just by adding more points to it only when the data is received?

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Plus the terminal remains available for monitoring commands while plotting.