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Unfortunately, I had an encounter with a few sophisticated spammers, and, in the process of clearing out all of their crap (that's a technical term, by the way), I accidently overwrote my in-progress copy of this file with something in Japanese ... Before I get to that horrible tale, I have to thank a few of my Facebook friends who were nice enough to answer my call for help and come to my financial assistance when the hosting fees for Cheap and Sleazy came due, and the actions -- or lack thereof -- of a certain former client prevented me from taking care of them myself. and if you've been watching my posts on Facebook, then you know that's a lot of time I'm spending on my writer! and imagine my surprise when I saw this -- "this" being the last line in the credits shown below: Dad in Credits "I didn't have my name in the credits when I was in "The Hunt for Red October," I thought when I saw that ... That's the hat that I sent my dad from my last ship, the " USS CARL VINSON ... Ah, here we go: My "Chuckie V" Ballcap He wore that hat throughout the movie ... The Chemistry Conundrum For those of you following along at home, you might remember that in my last update I was planning on going to school to become a Biomedical Electronics Technician ... just not uploading them until everything that needed to be done was done. The very same free steno software I'm using to write this update, on my Mac, *WITHOUT* having to run Windows -- and yes, there's a Windows version, as well as a version for Linux. With Plover, anything I write on my Mac these days is most likely written with my writer ... As you might guess, neither of those names are very common, so they're not likely to be showing up on any cans or bottles of Coke any time soon, so, for my favorite granddaughter, I just made these: Katiana Cokes Yes, yes, I know: "Dude. The DVD Player program opened and started to play it ... :o) In the scene shown in the previous picture, he's yelling at some kids on the bus he's driving -- including his own (movie) son (shhh! One of the kids gets killed (my dad's movie son), and ... Dad's Final Scene Here's a better shot of my former Civil Engineer dad playing a bus driver: Better Shot of Dad as Bus Driver Now we'll have to figure out how to get my sister in a movie ...Actually, I have been doing updates -- just not uploading them to the Cheap and Sleazy severs. In fact, I was so unhappy that after I downloaded that page, I immediately deleted the entire folder ... Interestingly, I noticed that it took about ten minutes to delete that folder! Anyway, check out the blushing bride -- easily recognizable by the white dress and flowers: Cindi Got Married I don't remember if I told her directly on either Facebook or on Depoman, so I'll do it here: Congratulations, Cindi! Unfortunately, Bethany appears to have drowned in her bathtub a few weeks ago, not too long after her birthday -- which was the last time we chatted together: One Last Chat With Bethany It was nice chatting with you, Bethany. A Candle For Bethany Jim Barker is Gone Yes, unfortunately, Jim Barker is also gone. Margie Wakeman Wells posted announcement in Jim's Facebook group, Jim Barker's Court Reporters Forum: My dear friends, it is with a heavy heart and profound sadness that I let you know that our dear Jim Barker passed away today, Thursday, April 2. He went upstairs to work after breakfast, and when she went up a while later to tell him that she was going to run errands, he was gone. Lynda expressed many times tonight that this forum was Jim's pride and joy. "I really got tired of the constant work of selling, mailing and customer service. Goofus and Gallant When I was a kid, I would check out these guys in the new issue of "Highlights" every chance I got. What does this crap have to do with court reporting? Business A refused, and accused the customer of having ordered what was sent.Some of those "updates" were simply notes to myself in the file, with links and a few comments for when I had time to expand on ... "The Big Oopsie" At one point during this big eradication exercise, I found a folder buried in a bunch of folders, and grabbed the "index.html" file ... Naturally, I thought it might be a good idea to see what was on Google (remember that "funky Google page" that I deleted? Of course, when I heard about the music, I was expecting to see something like this: *NOT* Cindi's Wedding Well, in a few years, when Cindi and her new hubby renew their wedding vows, they've got something to meet or beat now! He was proud of the work we do here and the way we all conduct the business of learning together. At most, if I get any affiliates, I will have to send out payments once per week." "Court Reporting will be a Word Press blog. Then I have Twitter and Facebook accounts that are being synched." "I'll be more active, but I don't intend to blog, except for microblogging on Tumblr. Click the X right at the position -- er, position of that circle, and you'll be able to access the site. I think it was the first (and probably the only) thing I read in those magazines. The customer vehemently disagreed, but the person running Business A believed his customer service rep. Without these women, Cheap and Sleazy would look like this right now: Cheap and Sleazy: Off the Air -- so, once again, thank you all! Seems that one of the prerequisites in the program was a little thing called "Chemistry 121." "Dude --! " Yes, that's what I said, when I found myself sinking without a trace the first time through! ) Not to mention the more sophisticated ones, like this one: Chem Funnies! and let's not forget this one, inspired by a popular TV show, of which I've only seen the first two episodes (sorry, Roomie! One particular link kept showing up in my Google results -- that "Victoria" one up there -- so I copied the link from the results, opened another browser window, and pasted it in. I went away to do something or other, and when I came back, that page looked like this: OMG!!!

I had him open the files and see what was in them; more code to allow access to my "secure" server. I will do what I can in the coming weeks to keep us going. My condolences to the folks at Stenovations for their loss. I was following a link on a Google search that went to a link on the other day ... I, and many others, learned a lot from reading it, and I will miss it terribly. Maybe you -- and you know who you are -- should act like it. Case in point: Bad For Business Now, let me tell you about Business B. You've read and put into practice what you read in Concentration. You got there early, but the doors are closed and locked! "Someone will be along soon." The good news: you were right -- somebody *DID* come along shortly -- unfortunately, it was more people waiting to take the same test you are waiting for. Soon a few more posts were made by the other participants in that "test:" "It makes me so mad because we need the CSR to work here!!!With the exception of this file I'm working on right now -- about which, more later -- this was an easy fix.Taking another look at that picture of the Google results, you can see several different addresses pointing to different places on Cheap and Sleazy ...which, if you take a look at the top of your screen, you should see is the very same name of *THIS* file. ), so I did a Google search for the following: "littered" -with I added the "-with" to avoid results with the words, "littered with" appearing. He knew exactly how he wanted it to be, and he worked hard to keep it going in that vein. "Court Reporting Help will contain long articles, but it really won't be a blog. ) Looks like the domain name for Court Reporting Help has expired! On Bullying Sadly, you're probably hearing something on the news about bullying every day. but I'll bet you've never heard of such behavior in a court reporting school, have you? No, not the usual "high-speed-students-not-talking-to-the-lower-speed-students" thing, or "the-low-speed-students-not-talking-to-the-theory-students" thing. How about male students -- which are fairly rare these days -- calling some of their female counterparts bit*hes and other less savory names? That resulted in a post on detailing what happened with the transaction.I was trying to drag that file from the folder it was in by way of the FTP program and drop it into the Filez folder on the left side of the screen. You can see some of the results in this screenshot: Cheap and Sleazy: Littered With Spammers On the off-chance that the results will vanish one day, I made a pdf of what I found today, and you can look at that one here. that is 7 pages of spammy addresses pointing at Cheap and Sleazy. I started by showing the tech that Google search up there, and asked him how all of this was on the supposedly "secure" web server they had moved my site to after the last time Cheap and Sleazy got hacked. He loved court reporting and court reporters and spent much of his 68-year life dedicated to making this field better. A few weeks ago as I write this (12JUN15), I was trying to bring up the page which shows all of the threads that had been created or added to since my last visit ... "I anticipate a few more actual blogs thrown into the mix from different authors such as Anna Mae Tedley, Bab De Witt and Joe Kinaim." Good things coming soon! Even worse, when you go to the Word Press site, you'll see this: " Hey, What the --?!? The tales you hear probably go from elementary kids pushing other kids around, all the way up to high school kids threatening other kids in ways too numerous to mention (and don't even get me started on that "Slenderman" crap! I don't know about you, but for me, high school was over a long time ago. Business A then threatened to sue if the customer didn't remove the post, with which the customer complied ... The negative review on the Better Business Bureau's site somehow got hidden, which prompted the unhappy customer to post about what happened in a few court reporting groups on Facebook.

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so I had to look through all of those various places and remove the offending files, including this one: Who's Kate?

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