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Our last visit was on a Thursday, the week before the July 4th holiday, and the lines seemed even shorter than in years past.I don’t know if it was the nearness of the holiday or just luck, but we didn’t complain. That’s hardly the crack of dawn, but lines will be shortest during the first hour.Children under age 2 can enter the park for free and individual ride tickets may be purchased if parents just want to buy one or two rides for their youngest children.Lagoon has hundreds of picnic tables and numerous grassy areas in the back of the park.

Its first terrifying drop is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Water rides are popular, so consider riding them early in the day.

Bring Ziploc bags to keep your phones, cameras and tickets from getting drenched.

Do not carry purses or backpacks with you, unless someone in your group will not be riding coasters like Wicked, Spider, Colossus and even the family-friendly Bombora. Lockers are available at the front of the park and near these rides, but it’s easier to travel light.

Save yourself a lot of time in line and plan your Lagoon Day for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

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Officially, Lagoon encourages patrons to leave their food in cars until mealtime, but we always bring ours in as soon as we arrive.

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