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Template changes not updating

---END FOR LINUX USERS --- You will notice one of the files it extracts is called BOUNDARY_

A is often included with ESRI shape files and tells you the projection of the data.

This feature is only available if you have installed the (this is located in C:\Program Files\Postgre SQL.x\share\contrib) (Admin Pack) in the postgres database .

To install it --- switch to postgres database and run this command in the sql window of Pg Admin or using psql: Now we have a nice fully functional GIS database with no spatial data.

We will not go into too much detail here since the install wizard (at least the windows one) is pretty good. You can use something like psql or the pg Admin query window to create a database and spatially enable your database.

Using a store inventory sheet reduces the risks running a shop; on the other hand it shows when to buy more goods.

So to do some neat stuff, we need to get some data to play with. For this simple exercise just download Towns Extract the files into some folder.

We will only be using the _POLY files for this exercise.

This method will return a single use url which will create the login session.

This is usually used as the source of an iframe for embedding Campaign Monitor within your own application.

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Your psql steps would look something like this: To install a bunch of extensions, just open up the pg Admin SQL Query window (which we'll cover shortly) or psql and run this including only the extensions you want.

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