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The Newman Sinclair 'mute' model G 35mm movie camera had a clockwork drive and used a pre-loaded film cassette.The camera was used by newsreel companies during the Second World War (the evacuation of Dunkirk etc) and the Korean War.Cameramen preferred the lighter Cine-Voice with its added 400ft magazine.Various Cine-Voice conversions were advertised and carried out (in particular by James Frezzolini 'Frezzi-Cordless'), but not by Auricon who refused to adapt their own product.

The Auricon was a lightweight 'single system' camera whereby the sound was recorded within the camera itself, initially as a optical track and lattery, magnetic.

GA-TV has a complete correct-period film rig including 'gun' microphone, headset, sound amp, tripod, body harness and battery.

Click to see another image, this shows the camera on location for a recent '1970s' feature film 'news scene'.

The Bell & Howell EYEMO range of 35mm cameras included a turret version called a 'Spyder'.

The version pictured is from the early 1940s and has 1-inch, 2-inch & 3-inch Cooke lenses plus a matching optical viewfinder using a simple but effective system of masks and flip-over optics within the viewfinder tunnel. The basic camera takes 100ft of spool-loaded film, with an additional 400ft magazine and 12v motor attachment.

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James Frezzolini was famous in the USA for adapting and upgrading Auricon 16mm newsfilm cameras.

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