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Speed dating events in torquay

I’ll say, ‘Sorry, I’m not playing’ if a partner or friend is determinedly argumentative. My mother died of cancer when I was 25 and she was 50.

I spent my midlife years imagining I would get a tumour at the age she died.

It’s not just the vigorous exercise, but the jeggings my mum would never have contemplated.

When I was younger, I did try to wear what was considered respectable but now, who cares?

I have to come down on my bottom, but it’s safer that way.Now I am happy to have good health — although there is pesky sciatica — and a body that, if anything, is more supple than 20 years back (yes, that is me doing the Jane Fonda pose) thanks to a decade of Pilates, yoga and a home with stairs. Increasingly my generation has been given permission, with each new decade, to believe it can still have an erotic life.So if the idea appeals — the challenge is to find times after an afteroon siesta perhaps or a morning lie-in — other than the night when I am about as erotic as a fried egg.I go to Pilates to keep bendy, and I swim and walk the dog.I will not buy ‘old lady’ clothes or shoes — they’re a dead giveaway.

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But that’s fine, because there are wonderful new ways of finding company these days for the over-70s.

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