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Soa updating zone files

While assigning IP addresses using GNS certainly has its benefits and offers more flexibility over manually defining static IP addresses, it does come at the cost of complexity and requires components not defined in this guide.For example, activating GNS in a cluster requires a DHCP server on the public network which falls outside the scope of building an inexpensive Oracle RAC.This guide is provided for educational purposes only, so the setup is kept simple to demonstrate ideas and concepts.For example, the shared Oracle Clusterware files (OCR and voting files) and all physical database files in this article will be set up on only one physical disk, while in practice that should be stored on multiple physical drives configured for increased performance and redundancy (i.e. In addition, each Linux node will only be configured with two network interfaces — one for the public network ().While the installation of the combined products is called Oracle Grid Infrastructure, Oracle Clusterware and Automatic Storage Manager remain separate products.

Using GNS eliminates the need for managing IP addresses and name resolution and is especially advantageous in a dynamic cluster environment where nodes are often added or removed.In addition to this guide, users should also consult the following Oracle documents to gain a full understanding of alternative configuration options, installation, and administration with Oracle RAC 11g. Powered by r Path Linux, Openfiler is a free browser-based network storage management utility that delivers file-based Network Attached Storage (NAS) and block-based Storage Area Networking (SAN) in a single framework.The entire software stack interfaces with open source applications such as Apache, Samba, LVM2, ext3, Linux NFS and i SCSI Enterprise Target.The Openfiler server will be configured to use this volume group for i SCSI based storage and will be used in our Oracle RAC 11g configuration to store the shared files required by Oracle Grid Infrastructure and the Oracle RAC database.With Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g Release 2 (11.2), the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Oracle Clusterware software is packaged together in a single binary distribution and installed into a single home directory, which is referred to as the Grid Infrastructure home.

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The operating system (r Path Linux) and the Openfiler application will be installed on one internal SATA disk.

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