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They're both adults now so custody is not an issue.

As we reported, the couple does not have a prenup and they amassed a 0 million fortune during their 25-year marriage.

Fortunately the moms were good cooks and the provided meals were typically good and included different taste profiles.

In my world there are no STD's nor unwanted pregnancies. As time passed, they had become quite close, and taken to socializing outside of the workplace. When the company they worked for offered to sponsor a softball team to compete against other companies in town, they were the first four to sign up.

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Next was Indhira, of Indian heritage as evidenced by her name. Standing just five foot nothing and weighing maybe 100 pounds, her petite figure made us guess at her bra size but her son, Ravi, gave us the answer as B cups after checking the dirty laundry one week. But my view would be teased away by the sway and bounce of her incredible tits. The other mothers would tease my mother, Diana, about her extra son. Anywhere Diana was found, Jimmy would be not very far away ogling her great body.

In my opinion, Gina was the best of the four moms and that was saying a lot in this crowd with one D cup woman already. My mom was as attractive as any of the other mothers.

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So enter the wives and children of the players and even non playing employees. Fortunately for the Four, the wives hit it off and their families would generally sit together at the barbeques.

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