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Throughout the night of 18 April, Turret Two's crew conducted a major overhaul of their turret in preparation for a firing exercise scheduled to take place the next day.

Finally, the rammerman, at left, operates a lever which uses hydraulics to ram the powder bags into the gun's breech.

The exercise, titled "FLEETEX 3-89", began on or around 17 April under Johnson's command.

Iowa served as Johnson's flagship during the exercise.

The shock wave blew out the turret officer's switchboard and the leads. There Ziegler complained to his wife about the morale, training, and safety situation aboard Iowa, stating, "We're shorthanded.

Chiefs with seventeen years of service are quitting.

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The spanning tray is then folded out of the way and the breech block is closed and locked.s new executive officer, Commander John Morse, directed a main battery drill, over the objections of his gun crews, in which Turrets One and Two fired while both were pointed 15° off the starboard side of the ship's bow.