Pregnancy dating scan wrong

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Some recommend that sexual intercourse be avoided for two to three weeks after the bleeding has settled (Bennett & Brown, 1993).Ultrasound is the main test offered to women experiencing bleeding in pregnancy.However ultrasound and hormonal levels can provide a fairly reliable picture of the potential outcome of the pregnancy.If the pregnancy continues past 20 weeks around 95% of babies will survive and the incidence of any major abnormalities is increased by only 1.3% (Beischer & Mackay, 1988).The health care professional can guide you through any tests, provide you with factual information about what is happening and also they can provide ongoing support.Due to the large number of questions asked on this page, Jane is now unable to respond personally.

Having a supportive environment with empathetic and understanding people around you is a big help.

I discovered last tuesday that i was pregnant after going to the hospital with bad cramps in my right side and had been bleeding for 8 days. My hcg level was 235 on tuesday then jumped to 270 in two days.

The doctors suspect an ectopic pregancy which is shattering to me.

With additional qualifications as a childbirth educator and lactation consultant, Jane works to improve pregnancy, birth and parenting options for families. I fear this may be bleeding and am worried about the baby. Thanks Sorry Vannessa in the delay in replying - I've been out with clients all this week.

I think I am pregnant, I have done a dip stick test but the doctor apt. This week was a very busy week and tonight I went to a personal training session and it was a hard work out. Brown discharge is usually old blood - which is much more reassuring than bright red blood.

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