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Additional volumes in the series focus on related topics, like web-based Data Warehousing, ETL in a Data Warehousing environment, as well as Microsoft-specific editions that cover SQL Server and the Microsoft Business Intelligence Toolset. Kimball – Differing Attitudes towards Enterprise Architecture As the practice of Data Warehousing matured in the 21st Century, a schism grew between the differing architectural philosophies of Inmon and Kimball.Even calling it a schism might be overstated, as Inmon in the foreword for called Kimball’s seminal work “…one of the definitive books of our industry.Currently in its fourth edition, the book continues to be an important part of any data professional’s library with a fine-tuned mix of theoretical background and real-world examples.

His Corporate Information Factory remains an example of this “top down” philosophy.One of Prism’s main products was the Prism Warehouse Manager, one of the first industry tools for creating and managing a Data Warehouse.In 1992, Inmon published , one of the seminal volumes of the industry.Dimensional modeling in many cases is easier for the end user to understand, another benefit for small firms without an abundance of data professionals on-staff.Data Warehousing in the 21st Century Many of the current changes in today’s data industry also affect Data Warehousing.

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