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For the network folks, stick with mature YA, for the cable fans, go with the adult titles.While the following novels were published for the young adult market, they involve characters navigating the post-high school world.These novels aim to bring the emotionally-intense story lines and fast-paced plotting of young adult fiction to stories that focus on a new range of experiences in life beyond the teenage years.

This fledgling category is a result of the perceived dearth of novels featuring characters in a post-adolescent but not quite adult phase of life, as well as the growing trend of young adult “crossovers,” or YA novels that also appeal to an adult audience.New Adult fiction has been a reader-driven trend, and particularly popular with readers who prefer e-books.The low-prices and word-of-mouth advertising has catapulted many independently published books onto bestseller lists.All she wanted when she left Wichita for college on the East Coast is to make a fresh start.When she meets tattooed professional fighter and campus bad boy Travis, her resolve is tested.

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Just One Day The summer after high school graduation, straight-laced, predictable Allyson is touring Europe when she meets a charming Dutch actor, Willem, embarks on an unplanned day trip to Paris, and falls in love, only to be devastated the next morning when Willem has disappeared.

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