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Recently during my wonderful Balinese holidays, I witnessed a situation which put me in the state of dumbfounding.Many facts came to me then, I woke up, I understood and I was speechless.It took place in a refined French restaurant called Metis, in the […] The blog entry Sugar Advisor: Princess of Instagram was first published on Sugardaters® Blog - US. They spread out in your system to lull you into […] The blog entry Sugar Advisor: Bad Daddies was first published on Sugardaters® Blog - US.Read more Bad Daddies Do you know this kind of men? Business out of this world and celebratory social life. Read more Christmas Campaign #mentoo Abuse is abuse no matter who the victim is.In an order awarding attorneys' fees, bonds and a punitive multiplier against Hansmeier and associates, U. It set up shell companies that bought copyrights to pornographic movies and made them available on online through file-sharing protocols like Bit Torrent.Prenda Law, or a local attorney it hired, sometimes through Craigslist, would then file federal lawsuits against the "John Doe" internet addresses captured during the downloads of the films.

Authorities arrested Paul Hansmeier, 35, of Woodbury, and John L.Steele, 45, an attorney in Illinois who was a former classmate of Hansmeier's at the University of Minnesota Law School, shortly before U. Attorney Andrew Luger announced charges Friday morning.Hansmeier was arrested in the Twin Cities; Steele, who has lived off and on in Florida, was arrested in Fort Lauderdale.They were charged Wednesday in an 18-count indictment with running a multimillion-dollar extortion fraud scheme between 20.The charges, unsealed Friday, include conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, conspiracy to commit and suborn perjury and conspiracy to launder money.

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