Klingon dating

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But be prepared for an answer that will lead to either Bloodwine or the taste of defeat.Pronounced: thɛ.ˈrɑʔ.ŋɑn ʂod͡ʒ lu.d͡ʒɑb.ˈʔɑʔBest Use Case Scenario: If the idea of serpent worms turns your stomach, it's worth asking if your dining companion is taking you to a Klingon joint.Why say "hello" when you can issue an order, instead?

"A Klingon will not waste time on trivial pleasantries," notes Windsor.

Both the Sanskrit and Klingon pronunciations are way off.

Sanskrit has been modified in pronunciation to make it easy for speaking in an American tongue.

explored the final frontier, one man boldly did what few—if any—actors had ever done before: construct a language from scratch.

But while James Doohan (Scotty) may have invented a form of Klingon on the set of ; St.

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