Jesse mccartney still dating katie cassidy dating game lounge chicago

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Not that we still remember the entire episode or anything.The two started dating (fun fact: they started dating on Aaron’s 13 birthday! ) and dated for two years before Aaron, in his words, “got a little bored so [he] went and [he] started getting to know Lindsay [Lohan], dating Lindsay.” But after just a few months of dating Lindsay, Aaron went back to Hilary and Lindsay went on the warpath. Looks like we weren’t the only ones who were crushing on Jesse Mc Cartney back in the early 2000s! And 99% of the time they said yes because they aren't complete idiots even if they are teenage boys. If he could just meet me and we could spend some time together, then we would date, I would become his road manager, and he would dedicate every love song to me ever. You suddenly became crazier than any Bachelor contestant ever. She's like a diehard fan, according to various media outlets. Austin is dating an actual fan and I'm not talking about like a casual fan.Hilary and Aaron (and Lindsay) This was possibly one of the greatest bits of early 2000s drama, and we’ll try to break it down as best we can.

And then when reality actually set in, your world crashed.

A source told Us Weekly of his split from 46-year-old Kristin: ‘It was just the distance.

Dana's career is jetting off right now, and Kristin travelled a lot already, and they just barely had time to see each other.

Nick and Miley Who could forget this classic Disney Channel love story?

Definitely not us, especially after Nick Jonas fearlessly shared this #tbt yesterday of him and his former flame Miley Cyrus.

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They were definitely what we'd been looking for, and our heads will always be in the game for those two!