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International datings and social network

According to one of a number of articles released last fall, scientists at Kobe University believe a gigantic volcanic eruption could kill 95 per cent of Japan's 127 million people within the next 100 years ...

Experts analysing the eruption patterns of volcanoes on the island nation say it is 'not an overstatement' to predict that a natural disaster could leave the country 'extinct'., what will be seven years earlier by 2018, which killed 15,891 and injured 6,152, with another 2,584 missing ...

The broadcaster reminded people to dress warmly in the cold rain and urged them to help others leave."Please do not think that you are safe.

Please evacuate to high grounds," the network said.

Title Editor and Contributor: Enzyme Engineering (1980, Plenum Press); Carbohydrate Drug Design (2006, Oxford University Press); Galectins (2008, John Wiley and Sons); Glycobiology and Drug Design (2013, Oxford University Press); Galectins and Disease: Implications for Targeted Therapeutics (2013, Oxford University Press).

Author: The Practical Course of Chemical and Enzyme Kinetics, 1976; Enzyme Catalysis, 1980; Enzymatic Degradation of Polymers, 1984; Enzyme Engineering at the Industrial Level, 1989; Wood-Plastic Composites (2007, John Wiley & Sons), and its translations and publications in China (May, 2010) and Russia (September, 2010); The Internet (Notes of a Scientist), 2010; The Origin of Man, 2010; Origin of the Slavs: DNA Genealogy against the Norman Theory, 2013; Entertaining DNA Genealogy, 2013; Origin of Slavs, DNA Genealogy Stories, 2013 (in Serbian); Aryan Peoples in the Vast Eurasia, 2015; Slavs, Caucasians, and Jews from a Viewpoint of DNA Genealogy, 2015; Jews and Pashtuns of Afghanistan: the Lost Tribes of Israel - History, Politics, and DNA Genealogy, 2015; Expertise of the Book of Veles, in 3 volumes, 2015; Who is Against DNA Genealogy, 2016; Your DNA Genealogy, 2016; DNA Genealogy From A Through T, 2016; History of the Aryans and Arbins, 2017.

Almost every year there are notable mass protests in either the United States or Europe or Asia (or all three).

They are not over the same issues of course, some are anti-government, some are anti-austerity, some are anti-war, some are anti-immigration, some are anti-racism, and so on.

Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science (since 1989); Foreign Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences (since 2014).

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It stands to reason that if the world really is moving in the direction of World War III that there will be unprecedented numbers of people across the planet demonstrating against not only the building up of nuclear weapons arsenals and possible preparations to use them, but against the potential for global war itself.