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My father was raised Southern Baptist, his father Hungarian Orthodox, I was raised Catholic, but have since shifted my "alliances" with the ancient gods of the Hellenes. Hi, I may be late to this convo, but after doing a search this is exactly the kinda convo I was looking for!

Yes, Roma have many different beliefs, it's what happens when you have an ancient culture spanning thousands of years back.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. But a general idea so we can maybe learn and share a little with each other. cheers As tregana so aptly described, it depends entirely on the group of Roma you associate with.

I dont expect a lot of action in here, because many people actually dont know about Romani belief systems. The Roma aren't an amorphous, sedentary entity: just as human beings are not amorphous, sedentary beings. Perhaps I'll have to find myself a group of Roma to hang out with for a while. Oddly enough, I know one of the creation stories of the Romani..

Much the same as Christians used to use the word heathens for non christian. It was when these 'children of the rainbow' came out of Egypt (one of their many stops) and those who saw them didnt understand they were actually an entirely different race of people. But not being Romani myself, I dont feel qualified to speak on it. Its a very ancient earth system that's been fragmented and decimated much the same as other indigenous peoples have.

Afterwards the man is satisfied but the woman wishes to begin again.The Romani people are who you might have called Gypsies (mistermed). They are usually from what I've read and talking to them, is a blend of the old ways with modern influences. though I have never had the pleasure of learning much of the belief system.Does anyone have any knowedge of this faith they'd like to share or discuss here? So basically take witchcraft and blend it with Christianity, Islam, catholicism etc... My friend speaks a lot of the Hindu gods and goddesses, and the duality of the entities. One of the popular Gypsy stories for the beginning of the God and man goes like this.God gives permission and they embrace a second and third time. It is since that woman has unceasingly craved love.I also know what was told to me about how they view animals, especially cats.

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I've invited a couple of people to participate in this thread, to help us maybe know more of the culture and beliefs. Someone who is sure she will be attacked and ridiculed and ended up yelling at me because of it.I hope the responses here so far will be enough to encourage them to share their stories and gods with us so we can share and learn. The stories, histories and lessons are in the music and the arts. I hope some of them feel safe enough to come and talk with us here.

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