Greek adult chatroom

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Greek adult chatroom

Leah and I would take turns helming the keyboard, telling our Floridian friends about drama at school, talking shit about our other friends, and flirting in the way that only 12-year-olds can—calling each other “losers,” exchanging poorly cropped photos, and making up fake boys from school who had fake crushes on us. I’d eventually go home, across the street to my house, and that’s when Rafa and I would chat alone.We’d talk about more serious stuff, like our families—his struggles being raised by a single mom, what it was like for me growing up as an only child, and how we missed each other even though we’d never met.I wanted to duck behind my mom like a child and hide.Mom took us across the street to Cosi for smoothies where she and I sat across from the two boys in a table flush against the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, interview style.

While we had felt so bold and grown-up, so adult, so ready for love online, here we were on a mature playdate at best, our youth so readily apparent.

They pulled up in a small white sedan driven by Rafa’s mom and climbed out of the backseat. I vigilantly avoided eye contact because I knew that if I took even a moment to look directly into Rafa’s eyes, I’d be struck with the harsh realization that the last few months were a waste of time.

I stood on the curb in front with my mom, who insisted she come along, lest I be murdered by some strangers from the Internet. That we’d fooled ourselves into thinking we’d been carrying on a meaningful relationship, as opposed to the truth: that we were two stupid kids who didn’t have any idea what it meant to be in a relationship.

This minute or so often felt interminable, while we racked our brains for bits of information about our days to share with the boys. Unlike in later years, where the politics of texting and online interactions would inspire hours of conjecture over cheap bottles of wine, Rafa and Dan were as dependable as golden retrievers and would always establish contact first.

When all systems were go, we’d sign into one of our AOL accounts, and as soon as the login was complete, our eyes would dart to the buddy list docked on the left side of the screen to see if Rafa or Dan were online. They seemed just as excited to talk to us as we were to talk to them.

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