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“I do not need to date anyone in my life right now,” said Hu Ge. Whether you are doing a comedy or a tragedy, every time you act you are already devoting your emotions to your partner.

Your feelings in drama are usually more extreme than in real life, with more fluctuating and concentrated emotions.

His outstanding grades earned him a scholarship to study film directing at the Central Academy of Drama, one of China’s most prestigious performance colleges.

Due to various family reasons, Hu Ge decided to forgo the scholarship and stay in Shanghai to complete his education at the Shanghai Theater Academy, finally graduating in July 2005. Although he aspires to be a director, Hu Ge believes that directing is not something that can be achieved in one step.

Hu Ge argued, “In ancient times, people can marry and become parents at 16 years old, and then become grandparents by 30 years old. In today’s age, it should be, ‘At forty, I stand.’ Many people are not even married by age 30!

There are still many others who are still contemplating on what they should do for the rest of their lives.” Nevertheless, Hu Ge still holds the belief that reaching 30 years old is a turning point in his life.

I sometimes think about how much longer this luck would last.

Everywhere else below the stage is pitch black, even to the point that she can’t see herself clearly,” Hu Ge stated.

In fact, Hu Ge believed that his character is actually an imagination forged by JY’s subconscious.

“My character is a foil to Joey Yung’s diva character.

In certain aspects, she can be considered as a blind person herself – when she stands on stage, she can’t see anything in front of her.

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I grow nervous when my girlfriend would watch my films, and she would say, ‘Hey, did you say that exact same line to me the other day?

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