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Rose is still in her nightie on the couch where I left her last night, playing a game on her cell phone with a mini stylus, feet on the glass coffee table between a vase of white roses and a burning vanilla candle.

When she pours me a mug of coffee, I comment on the huge letters eat hanging on the kitchen wall.

I arrived on a Sunday and found my new friends just finishing up a game of touch football.

Everyone was all sweaty and out of breath and still laughing about how one of the guys, Glenn, had been running a fake reverse and collided with a clothesline pole.

You could say they’re lucky to be here, even if it is four miles from anything resembling a town, not much of a resemblance at that, and the "city" (really more of a village) being just a lonely former barracks built by U. A couple of dozen older Jamaicans still live here, too, but the sex offenders arrived six and a half years ago when Pat Powers, an offender himself, came and claimed the place in the name of Jesus Christ.

Then she waits a beat and says how, when he gave it to her, she went, Am I supposed to put that in the kitchen or in the bedroom? "It’s very much just a regular community here," he says. Like, for instance, Rose has got a big soft spot for Winnie the Pooh, as I’ve already gleaned from the couple’s video collection.

Then he tells me that when Earl’s victim testified, it made Ted remember that he had created a victim, too, and by the way he looks me in the eye, I can truly sense that some kinds of regret must have a longer half-life than others: "Earl was delusional. All of the men are offenders themselves, employed by Matthew 25 Ministries, the nonprofit started by a man named Dick Witherow twenty-six years ago.

Witherow, a kindly and selfless man by all accounts, knew the hardships offenders went through in the outside world and felt they needed their own place to start over.

Especially since many of them ended up homeless, which so often led to reincarceration.

So he searched Florida top to bottom, looking for a neighborhood that would comply with state and local ordinances, until he and Pat Powers found the site in 2008.

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Here is exile that is also asylum from the larger, unforgiving world. And when I say community, I don’t mean that bourgeois civic vagueness you always hear the co-op crowd chattering about.

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