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Introduced to Loubna Aghzafi, a local resident helping out as a translator for the Moroccan community – Grenfell Tower had contained a substantial Moroccan contingent – the Duke was told about the large number of traumatised child survivors.‘He gave me the name of a contact of one of the charities so I need to get them to come down,’ said Mr Aghzafi.

‘He said: “Please make sure to tell people that they need to talk about it”.’The Queen and her grandson were then steered into the main sports hall where dozens of homeless locals have been camping on the floor.

Inside, staff and volunteers were going about their business looking after those who have been left homeless and those desperately searching for loved ones.

After handshakes with the mayor of the borough and the Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, the Queen paused on the way in to talk to the cluster of people around the registration table, starting with Vassiliki Stavrou-Lorraine, 65, who had lived next to Grenfell Tower for 34 years.

Forms completed, she turned round to rejoin her mother.

Whereupon, she found herself chatting to the Queen.

A volunteer at a local Citizens Advice Bureau, she has been helping out at this centre ever since the blaze and told the Queen of the apocalyptic scenes she had witnessed in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

‘The voices of the children, that was very upsetting,’ Vassiliki said softly.

Nor had anyone bargained for a hysterical onlooker in the crowd at the end.

‘Just terrible.’The little group thanked her for coming and the royal party made their way inside the sports centre.

They were shown table after table of donated food and clothing and introduced to the volunteers who have been sorting through it all. ‘Things like that – you never want to see,’ the Duke told one worker.

Given that every person being treated in hospital has now been identified and accounted for, these heart-wrenching quests for news – taped to walls and railings all over London W10 – are now almost unbearable to read.

While the Queen was still inside, a small posse from the London Fire Brigade had arrived from the disaster site.

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But if there was one public figure whom this irate, bereaved community was genuinely happy to see, it was the head of state.