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Today is my BFFs Teresa May's birthday, not only is it her birthday but it's a very special one too.A gentleman never asks a lady her age and I'm not going to be a cad and spill the beans here. Roll on the big celebration party where we will all be having a good old knees up!This Portal is all about Bypassing Internet Censorship.This platform enables those in the UK and Worldwide with CENSORED Internet connections to BYPASS these filters by using our uncensored proxies.It was difficult to choose the title of this addition to my blog, should I call it Christmas Without You or Lonely This Christmas but as the latter is something personal between my wife and I so I decided upon Christmas Without You as that is what it may well be, Christmas without my mother.It's extremely difficult to sit and watch the person who brought you up slowly slip away from you and to feel so helpless.Life is manic at the minute, there's so much to do and so little time.

Being a slave of this beautiful Mistress, that's if you're lucky enough to be permitted to serve her is no easy task which is why she has her slaves sign a slave contact which absolves her from any pain, suffering or injury she may cause due to her harsh treatment.I checked what I was wearing round my neck, my gothic crucifix was still there and so was my mother's gold chain with her ring and two small pendants.The chain wasn't broken so I thought no more of it.Since collecting my mother's jewellery from the undertakers I've been wearing her gold crucifix on a gold chain that also has two small pendants and one of her rings hanging on it.Tonight after taking a shower I heard something fall to the floor.

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This is a sad Christmas for my family and I as we are still coming to terms with the passing of my mother.

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