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“People aren’t always who they say they are, so don’t share ­personal information.” The National Crime Agency says if you are a victim of sextortion: “Remember you’re the victim. Suspend your Facebook account (but don’t delete it) and report the matter to Skype and You Tube to block any video.It may feel like there is no way out but confidential support is available. Coban spent most of his time online and moved around run-down holiday parks, staying near Oisterwijk when arrested.One local said: “He’s a mystery to all of us.” He said: “I send the picture to all your friends, get on Skype” — adding chillingly: “This is just the beginning.” Prosecutor Lars Stempher told the Dutch court: “The girl was terrified.Coban, who denied all the offences and blamed them on a fictional pal, had used “the most advanced techniques available” to hide his identity”, it was said.When chatting to victims online, he used software to convince them they were talking to a teenage boy.The pervert gave the girls a set number of shows they had to complete before they were “free”.

“Children and adults alike have got to be very wary about what they do and say and release on the internet.” THE NSPCC has issued advice to parents on keeping kids web safe.A judge heard his main motiviation was his sick interest in young girls.He also targeted gay men and blackmailed them into handing over cash which he used to live on.As soon as he persuaded youngsters to strip on camera, he used the video to force them into more explicit shows.The court heard he got one English girl to bare her breasts and demanded she make more appearances with terrifying threats.

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“Every day she came home from school panicked, afraid there’d be an­other threatening email.” Another teenager was told: “You still need to step up 3 times, then you’re away from it.” If any of the girls tried to stand up to Coban he became even more threatening, it was said.

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