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Abragh Mohamed, from Azilal, Morocco, thought he had lost his spouse in a car crash two years ago.The unnamed woman was taken to the Ibn Rochd hospital in Casablanca, where doctors said she would probably not survive - but that the family still had to pay her medical bills.The exact circumstances of what happened following the crash are as yet unknown.But the story has proven popular on social media in Morocco, where users have been coming up with numerous theories to explain the event - including that Mrs Mohamed may have been suffering from memory loss.She said Kye was in the bathroom when she entered the hotel room and the bed was covered with rose petals and Hello Kitty bears.The complainant said she put on the blindfold of a sleeping mask and scarf and that a ”shaking“ Kye came in and said he had signed himself out of a private hospital in Manchester.But the pair spoke frequently on the phone where the complainant described Kye's voice as “high-pitched”.The complainant told the interviewing officer: “He was saying how much I had helped him get through his illness.”(He said) it was a sign, we should get married, we should have kids, we were going to do all sorts of things.“During this time, the complainant said she met Newland - who became a ”really good friend“ and said she knew Kye.

It sparked a social media furore as it was revealed that Mr Mohamed had in fact buried a different woman at the funeral service.

And in a post on Facebook, Labour candidate Dinah Mulholland said she was 'utterly horrified' by the float.

She added: 'How could this have been considered acceptable, or even legal, by the carnival organisers? These guys are just celebrating one of the greatest films of all time.'While Dean Holland told Mrs Mulholland her comment was 'political correctness gone wrong.''What's the problem it's not racist in any way …

In a statement the Labour Party said that, even if no offence was intended, the float was 'unacceptable' and in danger of normalising 'casual racism.''It was completely unacceptable for the participants to blacken their faces and put on curly wigs, in a 'humorous' caricature,' a spokesman said.'This is racism, pure and simple, whether intentional or not and at best suggests that those responsible are unaware of the appalling history and associations of 'blacking' up.

'There may have been no conscious agenda or racist intent towards involved people of African or Caribbean heritage in the Cool Runnings float, but there is no doubt that offence has been caused and that there is a danger that unchallenged, such behaviour makes casual racism seem okay.'The organisers of the carnival, which is run by volunteers, failed to respond to the Daily Mail's request for comment.

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The decision by organisers to allow the float into the procession provoked fury from the local Labour Party in Ceredigion which described it as 'racism – pure and simple.'But the men reached out to the actual Jamaica Bobsled Team to apologise – and make a 'generous donation.

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