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Will it transfer concrete intel on such plans to Israel, as it has done so often to date?

And how would any of that impact the Palestinian reconciliation process?

Someone on the Israeli side apparently decided that this time, the move should not be categorically rejected, and that maybe, just maybe, Palestinian reconciliation could prove useful to Israel and might even stave off the threat of further conflict.

(On the other hand, it might be that the initial reaction, issued during the festival of Shemini Atzeret, will yet be followed by a harsher Israeli response.) The US Administration has also been cautious in the run-up to Thursday’s announced deal, and even intimated a certain support for internal Palestinian reconciliation.

(Amos Ben Gershom /GPO/Flash90) And what if they did, but Arouri or one of his people plots a terror attack nonetheless, and the Palestinian Authority gets wind of it?

Would the PA try to thwart it, as it has thwarted hundreds of such attacks in the past decade?

In 2002 he won the "best reporter" award for the "Israel Radio” for his coverage of the second intifada.

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There was no reference to the fate of this terrorist mini-army in the agreement and the ceremonies on Thursday.

It would appear, as far as is known right now, that Abbas capitulated gloriously and accepted civilian responsibility for the Strip, even though Hamas will continue to control it militarily.

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It may be that there was some advance coordination between Cairo, Jerusalem and Washington, in which case it would have been Egypt that encouraged Israel to give the move a bit of a chance. If indeed, Thursday’s agreement actually goes into effect, and responsibility for the Gaza border crossings is transferred to the PA, the Gaza economic situation would likely improve dramatically. All of these shifts would reduce the likelihood of Gaza-Israel conflict.