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Once they are in these huts, they get killed by bacteria, snakes, or oxygen deprivation, just like this 15-year-old girl. It’s honorable and noble to save one of these girls from their cultural destiny but you have to understand what you’re getting yourself into. They have a unique accent that is often referred to as Nenglish, but you’ll be able to understand them.This isn’t Thailand.​You are faced with one big problem. This makes dating Nepal girls easier than dating Burmese women.​I don’t know if this also applies to ).​I love Asian women but when it comes to dating Nepal girls, I’m a bit hesitant with a recommendation.No matter how many times you tell yourself that you don’t all over the world, the people in his country get killed for loving. Even though I doubt that foreigner have to face the same punishment for spreading the wrong legs, you should better be careful.​There’s another problem and it can also lead to death…or at least to a long time in a jail that you don’t want to see from inside. To be precise, 37% of girl in Nepal marry when they are younger than 18 and 10% are even younger than 15 (source).15! These girls are so dirt poor and their culture so different (and dangerous) that it makes finding the right woman quite hard.In addition to that, you can’t find that many women from Nepal on online dating sites. In case you decide to give online dating a shot, you can assume that these girls belong to the upper class.

A lot of girls are under 18 when they get married, even though it’s illegal.

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Anglerinnen und Angler müssen für ihr Hobby einen gültigen Fischereischein besitzen.

The good news is that, if you do get married, you might get a dowry…but only if you’re lucky.

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Das Jagen in deutschen Wäldern ist nur mit einem gültigen Jagdschein erlaubt.

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