Dating your roommate

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Dating your roommate

We laugh it off as #This Happened, and agree that we won't make a big deal out of it.Everything goes back to normal, although I opt for shorter shorts than I used to wear around the house.Ending a relationship with your roommate can cause the affair to drag on when, in any other situation, you’d be able to move on immediately.Related articles: 5 Major Signs You’re Not Ready to Move In Together How to Break Up with Your Roommate Furniture Feud: 7 Ways to Divide Your Things After a Break Up Video: 9 Roommates We’ll All Eventually Have If dating your roommate is inevitable, here are some tips to keep things as pleasant as possible.From your salary to your budgeting skills (or lack thereof), sharing finances is a relationship dynamic that usually doesn’t come into play until marriage.The break up If the romance fizzles, packing your bags to leave could cost you.Here is how a summer affair with your roommate unfolds in 10 steps: I still hadn't met him for a few days after moving in.The other two roommates tell me he's "away on business," which is why my jaw drops when a 6'3" sex god with baby blond hair and blue eyes walks into my living room and introduces himself as I'm eating Emmental straight out of the box in a baggy t-shirt.

The union accelerates at an unnatural speed, which means that the chances of it ending well are slim to none.

When clumsy me comes back home with an infected knee because I was too reckless out there, he goes and buys me disinfecting spray and makes sure I clean the wound.

He also helps me with my job search and makes sure my applications are perfect.

We both crawled back to each other in the morning and agree that our sex is a million times better.

Recovering from a bad hangover, we inevitably end up in a each other's arms on the couch one evening.

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In the beginning, it’s nice to have someone to come home to after a long day.

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