Dating service for hiv positive people

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Dating service for hiv positive people

""He was from the big city,'' says Tonya, 18, who lived with Williams but says she never slept with him.

""Anybody from out of town gets a lot of attention around here, and he got a lot of at- tention from the girls.'' Williams sold pot and crack from a variety of shabby apartments and claimed to be a member of the Bloods.

Three weeks later Andrea became one of the many young women in and around Jamestown, N.

Y., to sleep with Williams, a smooth-talking, small-time drug dealer from one of the toughest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

""The girls I've seen going in and out of his house were from all different backgrounds,'' Wright said.

He had charm and, to a generation mesmerized by gangsta rap, a menacing form of glamour.

""He had his own place, drugs and alcohol, and it was a place to have fun.'' Wright, who is married and the mother of eight children, marveled at the constant parade of local girls who flocked to Williams's door.

Some were runaways and street kids, but others apparently came from stable homes.

According to state and local public-health officials, Williams had sex with up to 43 women in Chautauqua County and at least 28 more in New York City.

Although he is certainly not the first sexually hyperactive HIV carrier to make headlines, he may be the first person in the United States to be publicly identified and criminally charged with spreading AIDS. Robert Berke, the Chautauqua County commissioner of health.

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Andrea says she now thinks of him as ""the Devil.''Nushawn Williams's legacy of death, disease and tragedy will last for years.

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