Dating omani girls

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Dating omani girls

The housewife is essential to the upkeep of the family and will take command of all agricultural production while her husband is away for months at a time.These women work hard to support a family and tend to many matters traditionally seen by the man.

In the 1980s, however, the government started to retract their previous liberties and slowly restrict the professions deemed "gender acceptable" for women.

This document gives the Omani people their basic civil liberties as well as guaranteeing equality and protection under the law.

In 2002, universal suffrage was granted to all Omanis over the age of 21.

Omani society and legislation as a whole is based on the Islamic Sharia law which provides men and women with different rights and responsibilities.

The country's progressive interpretation of Sharia law means that women are allowed to participate in politics, society and workforce to the fullest extent possible, but at the same time not allowing them to ignore their responsibilities they have towards their families.

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