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Very few fragments have survived this geologic machine.

Nevertheless, in recent decades, several important nds have been made, again using isotope geochemistry.

These forces were gradually joined by the global effects of the emergence of life.

Exploring this past offers us the only possibility of understanding the origin of life and, perhaps, its future.

The Russian geophysicist had suggested in 1944 that planets grew in size gradually, step by step.According to Schmidt, cosmic dust lumped together to form particulates, particulates became gravel, gravel became small balls, then big balls, then tiny planets, or planetesimals, and, nally, dust became the size of the moon.As the planetesimals became larger, their numbers decreased.At that time--4.44 billion to 4.41 billion years ago--Earth began to retain its atmosphere and create its core. The emergence of the continents came somewhat later.This possibility had already been suggested by Bruce R. According to the theory of plate tectonics, these landmasses are the only part of Earth's crust that is not recycled and, consequently, destroyed during the geothermal cycle driven by the convection in the mantle.

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But the development of isotope geology in the 1960s had rendered this view obsolete.