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I will teach you some of my favourite ways and i will tell you why i prefer them to some of the other ways in certain specific cases or under certain specific practical conditions, but keep in mind that this is a large family ...and not all of its members even know one another, so to speak.This magic bottle spell can be worked on anyone's name you want to sweeten.Depending on what relationship the person has to you, what special items you put into the name-packet, the colour of the candle you choose, and the hoodoo oil you dress it with, this trick will cause the person you name to like you more, to love you more, to favour your petition, to want to help you, to be sympathetic to your cause, or to forgive any wrongs you have committed.Another early version of the these sweetening spells is a container spell, but not actually a bottle spell as we think of them today.It employs a hollowed-out red apple or red onion to hold honey, jam, or sugar, plus the name-paper of the person on whom you are working.

The disadvantage is that you need to be careful not to catch the chipboard box on fire -- a small, skinny candle will solve that problem.It can be used to influence and sweeten a judge in a court case, a loan officer at the bank, a boss from whom you want a raise, a teacher in your school from whom you want a good grade, a lover with whom you want a reconciliation, an in-law who has been back-biting you, or friend who has cut you off because of a foolish quarrel.You will need: a jar of sweetener (see below) a piece of paper (see below) a pen or pencil optional herbs, curios, and/or bodily concerns (see below) a candle (choose the appropriate colour at the candle magic page) an all-purpose candle-dressing conjure oil such as Special Oil No.The spells given on this web page include a variety of old and new, with a focus on some the most common bottle spell variations of this spell-family that you will encounter these days, namely those that consist of filling a jar, box, bowl, or bottle with a liquid or solid sweetener into which you place the personal concerns of the person you want to influence, along with spiritually powerful magical herbs, wrapped in a name-paper or petition packet, on top of which you burn a candle that has been inscribed and then dressed with an appropriate conjure oil.But always remember, this is a FAMILY of spells, and there is no one "approved" way to do the work.

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  1. Dating apps help people meet in a country where it is illegal for the Muslim majority to drink alcohol.“We do not have gay bars – in fact, we do not have any bars, so there are not a lot of places for people to meet specifically for sex,” said Iqbal Qasim, executive director of the Naz Male Health Alliance in Lahore.“Grindr is one of the main avenues that people have to meet each other within the LGBT community.”The government bans many LGBT-related sites, but Grindr remains widely used.