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If you are logged in with Facebook, it even shows you the names of friends you have in common, to more easily break the ice.

If some of them or of them do the same and show their interest for you, the application will notify you and proposes to initiate the discussion.

In very little time, the application has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people, making simple online dating and especially free.

Women are no longer bothered by tens or hundreds of solicitations because only men to their liking can contact them!

Therefore no risk of receiving a “Get” or to be rebuffed by a condescending smile, if the mail is opened is that you interested! This is not because the app is great that you have to make any effort!

This database is thrown by an algorithm that determines which profiles that suit you in your geographical area (adjustable from 10 to 100 km).

From there, Tinder scrolls on your screen photos or the ones he has selected and simply say yes or no to skip to the next photo.

This also means that everyone has a chance because the stresses are at the height of each / each requirement.

For many, “traditional” dating sites are only good at spending hours chatting and not too rarely materialize.

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