Dating disasters smh

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Dating disasters smh

While a number of states along the Gulf Coast were left to weather the storm with virtually no plan in place for the catastrophic disaster, Bush, like Trump remained on vacation.In fact, Bush later acknowledged an infamous photo that was taken amid the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.Needless to say, the ignorant, offensive tweets have started a social media war and Obama supporters quickly offered fact checks and presidential times to explain just how ridiculous Trump supporters look.

Even if you don’t follow American politics, you probably know how ridiculous that sounds since Barack Obama was not in office at the time of Hurricane Katrina.

The first lady wrote, in a now-deleted tweet, “Today we honor Pearl Harbor heroes 11/7/1941.

Thank you to all military for your courage and sacrifice,” mixing up the dates by suggesting the attack took place on November 7, as opposed to December 7.

From the Oscar-nominated writer of In the Bedroom comes this romance tale about a widow (Diane Keaton) who is introduced to a man (Brendan Gleeson) living largely in nature.

When developers want to destroy his home because of the land he lives on, she helps him fight to maintain his unique way of life.

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According to , a Twitter war erupted after Barack Obama tweeted a response to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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