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In response to any internal or external threat, it is the responsibility of the PDF to engage the enemy until Imperial reinforcements such as the Imperial Guard or Space Marines can be mustered by the nearby Sector Command.

Thus, although rarely respected due to their relative lack of experience, the PDF are widely considered crucial to the Departmento Munitorum as the first line of defense for Imperial worlds against any form of invasion or rebellion.

Another important part of the PDF is their role as the primary source of recruits for the Imperial Guard.

Whenever required, the best soldiers in a PDF are transferred into the regiments of the Imperial Guard, receiving further training as they are shipped to their destined locations elsewhere in the galaxy. Many PDF regiments will betray their planetary governor if the opportunity -- and the right incentive -- arises.

Now Labour are planning to ruin everything, not by spending more money, but by spending the same amount on different things, so instead of tax cuts for the wealthiest, it will spend that sum on health, paying firefighters and scrapping tuition fees.

It was the duty of this militia to act in no small part as the enforcers of the Imperial Truth if needed, and its protectors should the Iterators and cadres of administrators of all stripes who were left behind to oversee the long transition to full concordance become threatened or meet resistance.

But the point they always insist on, is it’s vital that most of us become consistently worse off, as that’s the only way to guarantee the economy will be sound so that we can all enjoy being better off.

It’s the first rule of economics that the worse off you become, the better off you are.

When the economy is working to maximum efficiency, your most treasured workforces receive their salaries and exclaim, “This is marvellous.

I’ve been paid a bunch of wild berries, and given a recipe for making soup out of boiled polystyrene cups stolen from a neighbour’s children’s party. Luckily, even under the regime of austerity, those in the direst need have been protected from its most severe consequences.

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Which is why corporation tax was cut to its lowest level and the top rate of income tax reduced, and the richest 1 per cent have benefited from the fastest rise in inequality for 40 years.

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