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- the sillage and the longevity good, but not monster. - try before buy Scent (open, top-mid): 4/10 (x2) Scent (drydown, base): 7/10 (x2) Sillage: 8/10 Longevity: 8/10 Uniqueness: 10/10 Versatility: 5/10 Total: 6.625/10 First off, hi... This will be in my Fall/winter work, going out, everything line up. I actually love that it can separate people who are probably wasting my time if they don't like it. I'm not scouring the internet for an old formulation. While it's been around a long time I have just recently bought a bottle on a whim.This one, even if it's a semblance of the original. The first thing I smelled was gasoline and fresh cut grass!in comparison, when i sprayed the new version yesterday, i was hoping for the childhood flashback, but all i got was a blast of gasoline and bitterness that lasted less than 2 hours. People in this part of the country are not that much enthusiastic about perfumes. This fragrance goes from dirty to clean like no other... My latest 2017 bottle is good but not as good as earlier batches IMO. I believe, this is a very very manly/macho scent, but I never liked this type of fragrances… I used six sprays..wrist, back & front of my neck, chest and front of my shirt. To be fare, I don't think every guy could pull this one off.i feel devastated as this should definitely be one of the giants in perfume hall of fame. You know when they talk real estate--they say the three (3) most important things are "Location, Location and Location" ? I am in office right now, and among the cheap deodorants of other people, Fahrenheit is like a king. But unfortunately the reformulations have ruined it. Blue collar and white collar at the same [email protected] time! I'm hopeful that my bottle will open up and get stronger over time... In the first 2-3 hours really smell like a gasoline/petroleum. I sprayed this six times, had it on for more than eight hours and i can still smell this, without trying. I remember this one from my youth, so it has some nostalgic value. I knew immediately it would be in my collection as long as I'm walking this earth.

No matter what batch you have, enjoy, there is nothing like Fahrenheit. Its not that soft and handsome sexy guy, its like a sexy guy who however is ready to take a fight whenever it needs to be.if you can get your hands on the old version, go for it, it is really worth knowing the differences. No screechy soap that characterizes most modern colognes. Well, with Dior Fahrenheit -- the three (3) most important things are "Vintage, Vintage and Vintage". The projection is not beastly but the sillage is exceptionally good. On my skin it it becomes a skin scent with little to no projection in about 2.5 hrs. Thereafter I get a little bit better base, but not enough for me. Everyone on the train and at work knows this scent. "I wore this in high school, man the amount [email protected]#$ i got because of this". And it's 30 something degrees outside, in NYC right. Gasoline, nutmeg and leather...what i mainly get from this frag. Somehow, I liked it back then, but I would never wear it today. I can smell the wearer of this one from a long distance off. The bad thing is that if I can't escape, I now find it nauseating and it is so long lasting there is no hope of it calming down. ;-) I used work at a fuel depot on the San Francisco Bay, filling up commercial boats, and this smell of violet and gasoline and leather takes me back there in my youth. It's the only scent I have that feels salty and masculine, with gasoline, and oil, baked into leather. Whatever was happening in designer fragrances in 1988--idk I was 15, i thought my deodorant smelled ok and was fine with that--i'm thankful. If a mass marketing design house can be this bold and creative, then there's hope for corporations in general.I usually wear feminine scents—I’m a Shalimar and no. But I was feeling nostalgic for my ex, a butch through and through who wore this scent with swagger and confidence. I spritzed it on this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by that interesting leather-petrol opening with a fresh overlay of violets. Try to nab a vintage bottle - not too hard to do as this was a best seller and there are thousands of older bottles out there. I don't really get the gasoline smell that other people get, yes it smells hot and smokey but not like someone started up a 2 stroke engine. The scent pyramid contains 22 elements, but here is what I get: 80% leather, 5% violet leaf, 5% patchouli, 5% vetiver, 3% nutmeg, 2% mandarin. If you wear this one, keep in mind that a little goes a long, long way and yesterday's application can still be strong on your clothing if you reapply today. There's hope that not all has sunk into genderless, sweet, metrosexuality.I think this formulation is just fine and still amazing.If you need to search out the original formulation..enjoy."new" one is just fine!! However, current formula is much weaker than before.

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Even if you land a bottle from the early 2000s it's miles ahead of the latest batches. It just smells very masculine to me, a dark spicy and sexy juice. Also the best projection and Longetivity of any frag I've owned, 2-3 sprays of this will be good all day. Sorry, but I do not want to smell like a new leather couch…and most of the girls hate it.. didn't pour gas on myself, while wearing a leather coat with nutmeg in my pockets. Where touting gender bending fluidity is some kind hallmark of artistry and proper aesthetic.