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Harmon (Peter Sarsgaard, “The Killing”) is a former Marine, radicalized by tours of duty overseas.

His life in the military is behind him, but at heart he remains excited by the prospect of mayhem and destruction.

There she would see if she could build on the success she had had being standout cute in community theater.

Which might sound a bit implausible if it weren't coming from Fanning, who is a lively, confident, and apparently quite undamaged 20-year-old woman, despite growing up on the big and small screens.

So, at least from afar, they seem to fit the bill of the cliché of living vicariously through their children, for there are two stars in the family: Dakota and her fashion plate younger sister, Elle (who is appearing in this summer).

SYNOPSIS Kelly Reichardt’s suspense-thriller Night Moves is the story of three radical environmentalists coming together to execute the most intense protest of their lives: the explosion of a hydroelectric dam.She arrived early, as if to stake her claim, and already knows what she wants: vegetable dumplings and brown rice.I've been catching up on my Individualized Dakota Studies for the past couple of weeks, streaming some of the 26 feature films she has done (in addition to TV shows, shorts, and video game voiceovers), and I was struck by her preternatural dignity and grace—even way back in 2000, when she played the straight-shooting Lucy Diamond Dawson in , her star-making turn at the age of six.Dena (Dakota Fanning, The Twilight Saga) is a high-society dropout who’s moved west and cut ties with her family, edging ever deeper into radical politics.And Josh (Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network), their leader, is a self-made militant, devoted to the protection of the earth by any means necessary.

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But there was a guarded quality, too, a wariness that has something to do with those pensive, headlamp eyes, the ones that get compared to Bette Davis's, the ones that made her seem like an "old soul" to Steven Spielberg, who directed her in the 2005 movie .

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