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Caption: Billy and Kelly having a quality time gazing into each other's eyes in the ocean (2015).

Well, this particular photograph was more than enough to give their anticipated fans a major shock, but the fans liked what they were seeing.

The great thing about this at-home date, is that it’s so quick and easy to put together!

You can either prep everything prior to your delivery and have it ready to go when you get home from the hospital— or throw it together last minute when you need some extra quality time with your hubby! Start by printing off our GORGEOUS, FREE printables (at the bottom of this post)!

Remember those freezer meals you prepped before your delivery? Before I had my baby, I canned a bunch of spaghetti sauce and stocked up on pasta noodles!

IT SAVED MY LIFE and definitely came in handy during our at-home date nights after the baby!

This fun-filled game will get you talking with your spouse.

We have included a variety of serious, silly, and thoughtful questions for new parents!

Billy and Kelly dating rumors or better say speculations came into the media in around 2015.As to say, like every good thing has its consequences, a sort of tension became reportedly visible at the sets of General Hospital.Billy and Kelly’s co-stars allegedly were not happy with all the media and fanned attention that they were receiving and that the couple’s co-stars were worrying over losing their screen time to Billy and Kelly.While I was savoring every moment with my newborn, something happened that I was not expecting… We obviously didn’t feel comfortable leaving our newborn with a babysitter so this meant going out was NOT an option! After putting down our baby for bed, we found we could enjoy a romantic date night within the walls of our own home – no babysitter required!If you are looking to rekindle your romance with your spouse, be sure to check out one of our many at-home date night ideas! As we were thinking about all you new parents out there, we decided to come up with the PERFECT cozy date night–JUST FOR YOU!!!