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Our current female cardi has had obedience training and we adamantly continue it.

She shows behavior akin to In my experience I’ve had little problem introducing a puppy into our group of several dogs.

I was your show photographer at the 2014 nationals. Might suggest getting another email address other than with AOL.

The link to view the win shots is: I will also put up classes upon request. Our family’s first Cardigan Welsh Corgi was named Bo.

However, there is a new puppy on the horizon and I plan to be active again. We are checking with the photographer on the status of posting other than the win shots.

Do I just reapply like a new member or can an old membership be reinstated? 2, Show Cardi-L is not a CWCCA list, Kathy Steele may be your best resource to resolve that, however AOL has long been ‘glitchy’ and does not support other than paid email accounts.

I have been reformatting all of the National Specialty Result pages to allow for more and larger pictures and at the same time making them mobile-friendly. Where can I go for breeders that have pure-bred Cardigans that aren’t show dogs? Mouse over the menu word ‘Events’ then click on ‘Upcoming Events’ from the dropdown menu. Depending on what you would like to observe our very versatile breed doing, Sat – Tue are generally Herding, Obediance, Rally and Agility focused, while Wed-Sat are Conformation centric. We’ll be glad to meet you 🙂 I currently have two Cardigans.

I am looking for a breeder of pure-bred Cardigans, but I have no interest in show, agility, etc skills of the parents. On our Breeders Directory page, there are listing types, one of which is ‘CP’ for Companion Puppy. Upcoming Supported Shows are also displayed on that page. I’d also like to make contact with Missouri breeders as I’d like to get another Cardi in the next couple of years. The three year old male (bred by Pat Santi) currently has his Companion Dog and Rally Advanced titles.

If people know what specific item they are looking for, we can make arrangements to get it for them. We have a puppy that we would like to show in the Sweeps at the Nationals this year. The National Sweeps last year was on May 4, 2016 when he would have been exactly 6 months old. This year the Sweeps are on May 3, one day shy of our dog being 18 months. Personally, I recommend registering your dogs with the AKC for the benefits.

The main reason for knowing her status as a carrier would be for breeding later on, to not breed her to another carrier. We want to adopt a potentially headstrong and feisty male puppy (8 weeks).

We already have a feisty headstrong female cardi (who will be 9.5 months old at potential adoption time) and we want to know if there could be temperament problems.

If your dog is a carrier rather than at risk it means that she has a single copy of the gene.

With a single copy, she should never develop the disease.

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Response: On your website on February 2nd, 2015, someone had asked about obtaining a throw with several corgis on it. If possible, can you have that person contact me at my email of [email protected]?