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The famous Grandma Chen's Beancurd Restaurant serves mapo tofu, one of the most popular dishes of Sichuan.

“No animal should face the cruelty and terrible conditions of being crammed into small cages or be brutally killed for meat, as these allegations show,” a spokesperson for World Animal Protection told .

Li Bing, an official of Sichuan at that time, was assigned to build an irrigation system on the Minjiang River with his son to prevent flooding.

After they came up with the system, the Chengdu Plain was free of floods.

“After you chop off their heads and cut them into parts, nobody can tell” if the meat is cat or rabbit, he reportedly said.

On Tuesday, a Hong Kong magistrate fined a mainland Chinese couple after they cooked a cat to feed to their dog.

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By far, Chengdu boasts the presence of 212 Fortune 500 companies, including Intel, Texas Instruments and Dell, surpassing all other cities in China's central and western regions.