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Thai drove through the outskirts of Zenith toward the center of the city. The black of night had already faded to a deep blue which started fading into orange.

She could see a thick brown layer of smog congesting the skyline of multistory domes and buildings around the city's central hub. Thai's phone went off with a warning from the weather bureau notifying her of the poor air quality around the city's center.

A wire ran from the back of his head to the area between his shoulder blades.

His features were a mix between artificial and biological.

Flashing yellow lights warned her to slow down and let other cars get off the ramp to get to their destinations. She drove up to the plastic pole that prevented the cars from entering.

It's only a matter of time before Zenith Memorial is open and traffic can resume..." Thai switched the radio off and slowed down as she drove closer to the barrier around the hospital. Metal barricades were set up across the side streets and APF officers patrolled the area amongst the tall armored vehicles. She rolled up the window and continued down the road.

Other men in uniform stood in the middle of the road directing traffic toward the detour areas. Looks like I'm heading to Central Command, Thai thought to herself as she pressed her foot on the gas pedal.

An old man similar to the one in the first booth looked at her and smiled.

She took out the red card she had been given and placed the card into the slot.

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