Apple and stock option backdating dating buck 110 knives

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Apple and stock option backdating

The payments made to appellant were pocketed by him & the cheques made payable to Customs were fraudulently endorsed to an account in appellant's brother's name.The first 4 counts on the indictment represented a total of 93 such fraudulent acts.

He gave evidence that he told the appellant that because the appellant had been told this information, the appellant would not be able to trade in Qantas shares.The respondent was in a relationship with the victim's mother for 10 years & stayed at her home on a regular basis.During that time, he assumed the role of step-father to the victim.Appellant gave each company a Nature 10 form showing the correct duty payable.Payments were made by the companies to the appellant or Customs.

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At the sentence hearing, the judge sought confirmation from appellant as to the his understanding of the effect of pleading guilty & appellant said he understood completely.

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