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Andrea corr dating

“It took a long time to shake off the stigma.” After splitting up with his girlfriend two years ago, Strong moved back to Dublin and even had a change of heart about the film that made him famous.

In 2011, he joined much of the original cast in a series of reunion gigs to mark its 20th anniversary, retaining something of the diva attitude his character displayed in the film: “I think people deserve to hear me singing these songs,” he said.

He continued to tour, basing himself first in Los Angeles and then New York before moving to Copenhagen where he lived with a Danish girlfriend for 10 years.

, which still relies too heavily on routine romantic fluff like “Hit My Ground Running” and the glutinous “Butter Flutter”.

T-Bone Burnett has been drafted in as producer, and brings his usual taste and expertise to songs such as “Son Of Solomon”, which opens with delicate guitar picking reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair/Canticle” before expanding through touches of flugelhorn, fiddle, etc.

It’s an album of shadows and contrasts: “Drive”, for instance, opens proceedings on the cusp of adulthood, imparting youthful rebel spirit with a warning sense of duty for the future, before “Try Not To Breathe” offers an extraordinary image of an old person eager to leave the world to the young.

Elsewhere, “Everybody Hurts” offers anthemic uplift with a power undreamt of by Coldplay, while the Andy Kaufman tribute “Man On The Moon” provides a brilliant climax, celebrating the mystery surrounding the comedian’s death as the ultimate confirmation of his trickster spirit.

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In 2000, he had a number one single in Denmark, a cover of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, and released two further albums but without much fanfare.