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Albino dating

A doctor dusted off a file and put my parents in touch with someone born with albinism 20 years earlier,” says Knowlton Johnson, whose parents chose the name Bianca, which means white, before she was born.Her parents’ determination for her to live a normal life meant she never saw herself as different from her siblings.With 500 registered members, the Fellowship runs conferences, family days and social events.Information about albinism is relatively hard to come by, so it’s a valuable resource for families of recently diagnosed babies.“Dealing with albinism was really hard, but I wasn’t the only one bullied, and all teenagers are anxious about how they look. I embraced the fact that I am who I am, but if you don’t like me, you can push off.” Knowlton Johnson and her family are unwaveringly positive about her condition.“We got all the practical help we could, but wanted her to stand on her own feet,” says her father.

The fact that Knowlton Johnson was born with albinism may, in fact, be the least remarkable thing about her.

This is particularly true in Hollywood,” says Robin Spinks, the president of the fellowship, who frequently fields requests from modelling agencies and production companies, the vast majority of which are turned down.

“It’s not useful, as it perpetuates this idea there’s something 'freakish’ about the condition.

“Still, it’s a great excuse for buying a massive TV,” she says.

“My dad’s really jealous of it.” The condition has not held her back.

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Less extreme is ocular albinism, which mainly affects the eyes but not always skin and hair pigmentation.

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